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UM-Dearborn Web Site

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is pleased to share the organizational structure for its Web efforts. Please take a few moments to review the useful organizational chart and description of roles and responsibilities for the Web Management Team, those who will most closely manage and operate UM-Dearbornís new website. 

Each school, college, and unit will have a representative--known as a Level One Content Manager--from its area serving as a liaison for this process. This structure was chosen to best balance representation from each along with a campus-wide need for standardization and coordination.

This structure will allow us to:

  • Present a top quality and unified Web presence to our constituents
  • Provide more opportunities for collaboration on Web-related work across campus
  • Allow us to more easily apply new technology across units, and share technology, best practices, tools and applications
  • More effectively determine project prioritization and coordination
  • Develop campus-wide strategic direction
  • Effectively manage workflow process throughout campus
  • Provide organized training and support to those who manage content

We look forward to sharing more information as we move forward with this new Web strategy.