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Web Site Management


Typo3 Training

* If you have not been identified as a content manager and/or have questions about getting training, please contact your school/unit CM-I or the Web Coordinator.

Group Training

  1. Level Two Content Manager (CM-II) trainee is identified by a Level One Content Manager (CM-I), Senior Officer (SO), Dean (D),  or Department Manager (DM). (Please note: all content managers must have a Kerberos password)
  2. CM-II is assigned specific role and school/unit Web page content to manage.
  3. CM-I requests training for identified CM-II trainees via email.  See below.
         TO:       Helpdesk
         CC:       Web Coordinator
         RE:       CM Training Request, dept/school, date of email (E.g. “CM Training Request, CASL, 06/15/06”)
         BODY:   Must include the following three items
                 1.  CM-II first and last name
                 2.  CM-II Uniqname
                 3.  School/Unit (E.g. “CASL, Distance Learning”)
  4. ITS adds CM Trainee name to the central CM Mailgroup (Webwg)
  5. ITS team notifies CM-I, CM Trainee and WC of training dates, times and location

One-on-One Training

Potential staff/faculty Content Managers making changes or updates to only one page and/or very limited content may request one-on-one (1:1) training with their school/unit Level One Content Manager (CM-I). CM-Is will determine the need and appropriateness of the 1:1 training. If 1:1 training is necessary, CM-I will arrange for Content Management System (CMS) access/permissions for the staff/faculty Content Manager(s) with the Helpdesk. CM-I will provide the 1:1 CMS training including an overview of the following online resources: Web Policies, Organizational Structure, Web Style Guidelines. Staff/faculty Content Manager(s) will receive all on-going support from the CM-I, Helpdesk, and online resources.

Web Training


  1. CM Trainee attends one three-hour training session in a lab environment. Click for the Web Training Agenda.
  2. CM Trainee receives their appropriate CMS account access, permissions and rights at the training.

CM status approval

  1. CM-I assess the competency of CM Trainee.
  2. Upon signoff from CM-I, the CM Trainee is ready for CM-II status and can begin website maintenance.
  3. Please note: CM Trainee is to field all questions and concerns to the Level 1 Content Manager (CM-I) before and after training.

Managing and Publishing Content


  1. All CMs must be able to complete the Checklist prior to publishing content and/or pages
  2. CMs are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, appropriateness and timeliness of all pages within his/her school/unit.
  3. All CMs are responsible for maintaining ‘healthy’ links based on Mailgroup notifications and completion of school/unit rollouts.


  1. Each school/unit is responsible for creating its own internal approval process, it necessary, for publishing content and/or pages. (Sign-off from SO, D, DM and/or CM-I may be appropriate in some instances). Each school/unit must notify the affected CMs and the WC of the school/unit internal approval process.
  2. All CMs are responsible for securing the appropriate approvals for publishing content/pages

URL changes

  1. CMs must notify the CM Mailgroup of any changed/updated url addresses.
  2. All CMs are responsible for updating links, if applicable, based on url change notifications

On-going Support


  1. Open lab sessions are available for on-going support and training (see Training Schedule)
  2. CM-II fields all questions and concerns to their CM-I

Getting additional training

  1. CM-II requests additional training and support from the CM-I (See Getting Typo3 Training for procedure)

Web Training Manual updates

  1. The Web Coordinator will notify the Webwg mailgroup of any updates to the Manual.

Schools/Units Going "Live"

Please note: Entire school/unit MUST receive appropriate approval(s) prior to going live.

  1. CM-I notifies WC and ITS they are ready to go live(Timing must be taken into consideration)
  2. ITS and WC reviews pages and sends issues/concerns to CM-I
  3. CM-I addresses issues and concerns
  4. CM-I receives proper school/unit approvals
  5. Upon proper approvals, CM-I gives the green light to ITS and WC
  6. ITS notifies CM-I and WC of date and time of site launch
  7. CM-I sends appropriate notification via email
  • To:
  • RE: [dept/school] Web pages GOING LIVE (E.g. CASL Advising WEB PAGES GOING LIVE”)
  • Include:
    • [School/Unit] launching
    • Date of launch
    • Statement i.e. “The new [School/Unit launching] web pages are now online. With the new pages, comes changes in the layout and, more importantly, location of information. Please update any [School/Unit launching] related links that you may have. Let me know if you have any problems with the new pages. “

8. Immediately after “going live”, school/unit CMs MUST check their pages and repair any broken links before requesting additional support. CM-I to request additional support from ITS.

9. All UM-Dearborn CMs are responsible for reviewing the department’s new pages and updating any links on their own pages, if necessary.

Template Requests

Consultation and approval from the Marketing department of new template graphics, images, and layouts is strongly encouraged.