Work Practices

All contractors must comply with the following requirements.  Cooperation will ensure a safe and healthy environment is maintained for students, faculty, and staff.  Questions may be directed to Facilities Operations at (313) 593-5370.

Hot Work
 (e.g. cutting, welding, grinding, or any activity that may generate sparks or is the potential for fire): Immediately prior to beginning work, a permit must be obtained from Campus Police. Click for the Hot Work Permit Procedure for AEC Projects. Contractors are responsible for maintaining a 1-hour continuous fire watch immediately following completion of the Hot Work and notifying Campus Police when the work is complete for the day. A new Hot Work Permit is required each day. Additional Hot Work information is available here.

Chemicals, adhesives, flammables, or hazardous materials: 
Any such materials to be used in operations being conducted must be disclosed to the University of Michigan-Dearborn (UM-D) Facilities Operations Project Manager and MSDS sheets must be on site for immediate review by UM-D personnel. Contractors must disclose any fume/odor generating activities that may impact building occupants.  Failure to do so will result in cessation of operations and a review of contractor performance.

Full Disclosure of Activities:
 UM-D reserves the right to refuse entrance into any building on the premises without advance knowledge of the contractor’s arrival or full disclosure of activities. Activities that may impact owner operations such as loud noise, drilling, fumes/odors of any sort, alarms, etc. must be discussed with and approved in advance by Facilities Operations. Any lost time or increased costs that may result due to contractor’s failure to comply with these procedures will not be the responsibility of the university.