Women's Resource Center

About WRC

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) of the University of Michigan-Dearborn was launched in April 2003 to serve the needs of women students, staff, faculty, and community members in response to a perceived need of faculty and staff.  The center is a division of Enrollment Management and Student Life (EMSL) and is staffed by Director Shareia Carter, M.L.S., Program Manager Lee Savage, M.P.A., Program Manager Susan Estep, M.A.,and several student assistants and volunteers. The WRC serves as a resource and referral center and provides programming to assist students, faculty, staff, and community members in fulfilling their education and life goals.



To increase the empowerment of all women by:

  •     Offering quality programs
  •     Providing professional, personal and academic coaching
  •     Encouraging students to reach their academic and post-graduate goals
  •     Linking women to current campus and community resources
  •     Partnering with academic units and other women’s agencies to address diversity
        and gender issues.