WRC Services

The WRC offers assistance with Self-Advocacy, Work/Life Balance, Returning Student Support, and Personal Safety issues on an individual basis.  Call the WRC to make an appointment to speak with one of our staff.

The WRC’s Impact Grant provides small, emergency grants for students.  These grants, typically between $50 and $150, are meant to address serious unanticipated emergencies that could delay or halt the education of students. Grants may not be used for tuition. If you are in need or would like to donate to the fund, please contact WRC Staff.

In partnership with the University of Michigan Women's Health Resource Center, the WRC provides access to information on several health topics of interest to women including heart disease, diabetes, stress, depression, reproductive health, substance abuse and other health related issues. Stop by the WRC to pick up a pamphlet!

In addition, the WRC lending library offers books and magazines on issues of interest to women, our resource shelf offers pamphlets on diverse topics including scholarships, childcare, domestic violence and a continually updated community resource/referral guide is available in the office and on the WRC website.