Faculty Handbook

The University of Michigan-Dearborn accepted its first students in the Fall of 1959. Over the intervening years the campus has developed a set of policies and practices governing faculty activity that reflect the Dearborn Campus uniqueness in the context of the University of Michigan. This handbook attempts to bring many of these policies and practices together in a single document, thereby proving a useful reference for all faculty, both new and continuing. The handbook serves as a supplement to the University of Michigan Faculty handbook for Instructional Staff. The handbook is also complemented by the University of Michigan-Dearborn Student handbook, which should be consulted for policies and procedures that relate to student academic and non-academic matters. Ultimately the Bylaws of the Regents of the University of Michigan, the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide, and the Dearborn Administrative Guide take precedence in all matters related to faculty. This handbook is maintained by the Office of the Provost and will be updated as necessary.