What to Bring With You

Packing for the Weather

For the Winter months, we encourage you to pack warm clothing, sweaters, heavy pants, jackets, hats, scarves, etc. For the summer you will need light clothing such as shorts, light pants, skirts and short sleeve shirts. For the spring and fall you will need a light jacket and an umbrella.

Miscellaneous Items

You may want to bring music CD's or tapes, photographs, cultural items such as traditional dress, crafts, etc. You might also want to bring some initial necessities such as towels or toiletries, although you can buy these locally, you may not be able to get them right away. If you rent an apartment in the area, it is unlikely that it will be furnished, so you should keep this in mind when planning for your set-up costs. You will probably need sheets, pillows, blankets etc.


The U.S. uses 110 v. electricity. Since the electric current in your home country may be different, we encourage you to buy your appliances in the U.S. as opposed to bringing them with you.


Currency exchange in the United States is not as common as it might be in your home country. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to exchange your money to U.S. dollars before you arrive in the U.S. However, it is not advisable that you carry large sums of cash with you upon entering the U.S. Therefore, we suggest that you carry traveler's checks and/or speak to your bank about transferring funds at a later date. You may also see about establishing an account at a U.S. bank in your home country like, Citibank or Bank of America. Depending on the regulations in your home country, this may enable you to withdraw money from an ATM in the U.S.