Housing Referral Services

The Housing Referral Services is available to all students, faculty or staff in search of an apartment, house, room or roommate.

Interested individuals should complete an application, available in the Office of International Affairs. If you are in search of roommate, the information on your application will be shared with other individuals seeking a roommate. All applications will be kept on file until the Office of International Affairs is notified that you are no longer in search of housing.

The Housing Coordinator can provide you with an Apartment Shoppers Guide, A Practical Guide to Landlord/Tenant Rights and Responsibilities, housing referral applications, rental listings, inventory/damage checklist, city maps, bus schedules, and property insurance applications. To meet with the Housing Coordinator, please call (313) 583-6610 to make an appointment.

Appointments are available:

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

During your appointment you will meet with a Housing Specialist and will have access to both a telephone and computer to contact rentals and attain directions.

Erica Ross 
Office of International Affairs
780 Town Center Dr. Suite 108 Union
Dearborn, MI  48126
313) 583-6610

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has a memo of understanding with Urban Campus Communities (UCC) for a student residential facility adjacent to campus called The Union at Dearborn.  This facility is not owned or operated by UM-Dearborn.  UM-Dearborn does not screen other prospective tenants, landlords or roommates.  The University is also not affiliated with any homeowner or landlords and does not maintain responsibility for the contents of agreeements between other landlords other than UCC.  The Housing Referral Service is made available to students interested in locating housing or roommates.

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