Award Criteria

The Honor Scholar Award is presented to the one active undergraduate student per degree program with at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of 90 credit hours earned by the Fall term. Award recognition is also presented to one active graduate student per degree major with at least a 7.0 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of three-quarters of their program completed by the end of the Fall term. The student, selected by the respective discipline faculty, also meets other criteria established by department, school or college including contributions to the discipline through research and service activities such as tutoring, mentoring and leadership in discipline based student organizations.

2005 Recipients


Anthropology: Miranda Redman
Art History: Barbara Jean Majewski
Behavioral Sciences: Jeffrey Boyer
Biochemistry: Itishree Trivedi
Biological Sciences: Elizabeth Davis
Chemistry: Lindsey Jamula
Communications : Lydia Habbab
Criminal Justice Studies: Brandon M. Crupi
Earth Sciences: Ron Cummings
Economics: Joseph Gidi
English: Kate M. Muliett
Environmental Sciences: Kenneth Douglas
Environmental Studies: Katherine Evans
French Studies: Catherine Westbrook
General Studies: Tina Grillot
Health Policy Studies: Emma Reeves
Hispanic Studies: Bernadette Michalik
History: Jennifer A. Huff
Humanities: Amber Brown
International Studies: Susanne Garvey
Liberal Studies: Joyce Rudowski
Mathematics and Statistics: Ranya Obeid
Microbiology: Megan Franzo-Romain
Philosophy: Emann Allebban
Physics: Laura Mazzino
Political Science: Matthew Thomas Gougherty
Psychology: Ryan Mach
Sociology: Theresa Babcock
Graduate Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Michelle Napolitan
Graduate Program in Environmental Science
Edythe Sonntag
Graduate Program in Liberal Studies
Stefanie Wielkopolan


Bachelor of Arts degree in Education: Aimee Brissman
Bachelor of Science degree in Education: Cassandra Golembiewski
Bachelor of General Studies in Education: Therese Hocking
Graduate Program in Performance Improvement and Instructional Design
Patricia Radakovich
Graduate Program in Education: Karen Edwards
Graduate Program in Special Education: Margaret Ward
Graduate Program in Public Administration: Fady Soueidan
Graduate Program in Science Education: Jessica Jorissen
Graduate Program in Teaching: Ann Gee


Computer Engineering: Rhita Boufelliga
Computer and Information Science (Computer Science Option )
Lars Anderson
Computer and Information Science (Information Systems Option)
Susanne Sommer
Electrical Engineering: Charles Cinpinski
Industrial and Systems Engineering: Eric Lammers
Mechanical Engineering: Samuel Seldon
Software Engineering : Joanna Awad
Graduate Program in Automotive Systems Engineering: Chinmaya Dandekar
Graduate Program in Computer Engineering: Luke Reisner
Graduate Program in Computer and Information Science: Sarah Shahid
Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering: Mukul Gadde
Graduate Program in Engineering Management: Vicki Pommer
Graduate Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering:
Ellen Ramey
Graduate Program in Information Systems and Technology: Nicholas Heier
Graduate Program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Kemal Kizilaslan
Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering: Hyun-Jun Chun
Graduate Program in Software Engineering: Rachel Voss
Dual Degree Graduate Program in Industrial and Systems
Engineering and Business Administration: Lonie Lee


Controllership: Dawn Kross
Finance: Omar Aziz
Financial Accounting and Reporting: Mark Sulkowski
Management: Joann Swatek
Management Information Systems: Erin Leverton
Marketing: Michelle Mamo
Graduate Program in Accounting: Armand Gary Begun
Graduate Program in Business Administration: Kenneth Parrish
Graduate Program in Finance: David Sobiechowski
Dual Degree Graduate Program in Business Administration
and Industrial and Systems Engineering: Lonie Lee