Award Criteria

The Honor Scholar Award is presented to the one active undergraduate student per degree program with at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of 90 credit hours earned by the Fall term. Award recognition is also presented to one active graduate student per degree major with at least a 7.0 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of three-quarters of their program completed by the end of the Fall term. The student, selected by the respective discipline faculty, also meets other criteria established by department, school or college including contributions to the discipline through research and service activities such as tutoring, mentoring and leadership in discipline based student organizations.

2007 Recipients


Anthropology: Melissa Fava

Art History: Lise Ann Gouin

Bachelor of General Studies:  Laura Lane

Behavioral Sciences:  Kristen Chapman

Biochemistry: Janine Ghannam

Biological Sciences: Michelle Clubb

Chemistry (ACS): Bo Ra Ye

Chemistry (Instructional): Nayna Lal

Communications:  Amy Barta

Criminal Justice Studies:  Natalie F. Brookins

Earth Science:  Julie Johnson

Economics:  Dayna M. Williams

English: Garrett B. Sussman

Environmental Science: Anna Allie

Environmental Studies:  Suzanne Vedder

French Studies: Beth T. Chapman

Health Policy Studies:  Elizabeth Wheatley

Hispanic Studies:  Kate M. Muliett

History:  Amal Raychouni

Humanities: Inkyung Chung

International Studies:  Colette A. Quatrine

Liberal Studies:  Aziza Roosen

Mathematics and Statistics:  Ann-Marie Gerrity

Microbiology:  Manal Ismail

Philosophy: Velimir Stojkovski

Physics: James McFarland

Political Science:  James M. Patrick

Psychology:  Emily K. Perpich

Sociology: Melissa Fava

Women’s and Gender Studies:  Linda Cleary

Graduate Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics:  Christos Kyrtsos

Graduate Program in Environmental Science:  Lindsay Knippenberg

Graduate Program in Health Psychology:  Pallavi Munikrishna

Graduate Program in Liberal Studies: Sriya Shrestha

Graduate Program in Public Policy: Emily Brown



Bachelor of Arts degree in Education: Mary E. Styles

Bachelor of Science degree in Education:  Cynthia J. Guido

Graduate Program in Special Education:  Lora L. Carey

Graduate Program in Public Administration:  Elizabeth M. Ohryn

Graduate Program in Science Education:  Heather Siersma

Graduate Program in Teaching: Thomas C. Huber



Computer Engineering:  Stefan R. Filipek

Computer and Information Science (Computer Science Option): Jason Parsons

Computer and Information Science (Information Systems Option): Aaron Malcolm

Electrical Engineering    : Corey David Radley

Industrial and Systems Engineering: Joseph Lambert

Manufacturing Engineering: Tracy Gilchrist:

Mechanical Engineering:  Nathan Michael Stewart

Software Engineering:  Michael Manard

Graduate Program in Automotive Systems Engineering: Darla Marie House

Graduate Program in Computer Engineering:  Haoxing Wang

Graduate Program in Computer and Information Science: Michael Marson

Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering: Hicham M. Kaafarani

Graduate Program in Engineering Management: Shriram Pathak

Graduate Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering: Mayank Chadha

Graduate Program in Information Systems and Technology: Melih Gunal

Graduate Program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Paul Lilla

Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering: Chris House

Graduate Program in Software Engineering: Todd Palgut



Financial Accounting and Reporting: Catherine Kopecky

Finance:  Ali Koussan

Management:  Eric Phillips

Management Information Systems: Cecil Croswell

Marketing: Wendy Witkowski

Workforce Management: Mandy M. Reed

Graduate Program in Accounting: Jennifer L. Griffin

Graduate Program in Business Administration: Michael J. Davis

Graduate Program in Finance:  Randolph F. Pistor

Graduate Program in Business Administration and Finance: Omar A. Aziz

Graduate Program in Business Administration and Industrial and Systems Engineering:
James A. Varga