Office of Business Affairs

Resources & Links

 MAIS Resources:
 Business Objects Data Dictionary
 ITS Home Page (formerly MAIS)
 Month-End Close Dates
 MToken  (Distribution Site)
 OARS (On-Line Access Request System)
 Predefined Reports
 Scheduling in Business Objects
 Service Unit Billing Information
 Training, Access Status, and Unit Liaison Databases
 Unit Liaison Resources

 Procurement Services:
 Concur Training
 Instructions for Copier Requisitions
 OfficeMax Retail Connect Card Application
 OfficeMax Retail Connect Flyer
 Procurement Home Page
 SPG Policy & Procedure for Purchasing
 Travel & Expense (Concur) Resources
 University Contracts
 Note: When preparing a requisition for a purchase order,
 if you
do not know the buyer's name, leave the box blank.
 Do not use Procurement.

 P-Card Information:
 Procurement Card (P-Card) Program

 Training Documents:
 ABC's of Accounting
 Business Objects
 JE Upload Training
 OARS Roles
 OARS Walk-Through
 Printing GPR's
 Printing SOA's

Travel Resources:
Currency Converter
DAG 501.4
Guest Travel Guide
Hotel Discounts
International Travel Info
Mileage Chart
Mileage Rate & Guidelines
Procurement Travel Expense Link
Travel/Hosting/Business Meal Tips

Account Code/Category Values
Cash Handling-Best Practices
Compliance Resource Center
Concur Expense Account Map
Gifts, Prizes & Awards to Employees
Policy on Taxation
Michigan Sales & Use Tax Certificate
New Department Manager Checklist
Request Vendor ID
Surplus Equipment
Tax Exempt #'s & Store Cards
Transfers Information
Transfers Matrix
Vendor Look-Up v.8.8
     For employees, enter their Empl ID in
     the Short Vendor Name field.

Financial Oversight Resources
Financial Oversight Timeline
Key Reports for Financial Business Processes
Segregation of Duties Matrix