Admitted International Students

American Holidays

January 1

New Year's Day - Celebration of the first day of the year. Frequently there are parties the night before to "see the New Year in".

January 15

Martin Luther King Day - A day to observe and honor the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a famous African-American Civil Rights leader.

President's Day

Celebration of the birthdays of two famous presidents of the Untied States. George Washington (Feb. 22) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb.12).

February 14

Valentine's Day - Originally a day for sweethearts, it is now a day to send cards to family and friends. Red hearts are symbolic and flowers and chocolates are traditional gifts.

April 1

April Fool's Day - A day for playing harmless jokes on others.

2nd Sunday in May

Mother's Day - A day to honor mothers and grandmothers. Cards and/or gifts are given to them.

May 31

Memorial Day - A day t honor the memory of those killed in war; celebrated on the nearest Monday to the date.

3rd Sunday in June

Father's Day - A day to honor fathers and grandfathers. They are given cards and/or gifts.

July 4

Independence Day - The birthday of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Parades, picnics and fireworks displays are popular entertainment.

1st Monday in September

Labor Day - Labor organizations sponsor events such as parades to honor labor. It is symbolic of the end of summer.

October 31

Halloween - This is mostly a special day for children. They dress in costumes and in the evening go"Trick or Treating", which means they ring doorbells of neighbors and say "Trick or Treat." Neighbors will put candy or another treat in the bag or pail carried by the child.

November 11

Veteran's Day - A special day to honor the courage and patriotism of men and women who have served in the U.S. armed services.

4th Thursday in November

Thanksgiving Day - A day for giving thanks with feasting and prayer for blessings received during the year. Turkey is traditionally the main course of the meal.


(Date changes yearly) - An eight-day holiday celebrated by Jews to commemorate the rededication of their temple in ancient days. Gifts may be exchanged among family members.

December 25

Christmas Day - A holiday celebrated by Christians to observe the birth of Jesus Christ. A spirit of good will pervades the gifts, cards, visits and entertainment are exchanged among family and friends.