Things to Consider

With over four thousand colleges and universities in the United States, you've got plenty of choices to continue your education.  Finding a good match will take some investigating.  To compile a list of potential schools and to be able to compare them and weigh their pros and cons, you need a plan.  We have assembled a list of criteria to get you started.  Also, consider adding to this list school features that may be uniquely important to you!

College Search Criteria:

  • majors available
  • cost
  • opportunities for financial aid
  • location
  • safety
  • size of enrollment
  • academic strength
  • admissions selectivity
  • academic support available
  • sense of community on campus
  • affiliation - public, private, or religious
  • minority representation
  • gender ratio
  • types of housing
  • specialized programs
  • student activities on campus
  • athletic programs

Sources of Information:

  • college catalogs, information bulletins, and videos
  • college representatives
  • parents, students, and alumni
  • school counselors and teachers
  • web sites, directories, CD Roms, and computerized information
  • professionals in the field
  • community leaders or mentors
  • campus visits