UM-Dearborn Connect Registration and Records

Early Warning Reports

The Early Warning program is designed to permit the University to identify all undergraduate students who are not attending class and/or are not showing signs of academic success in class. Only students who are identified by their instructors as having difficulty in class should be included in the Early Warning program.

The information and instructions that follow explain how to use the Early Warning Report system. If you need assistance with this process, please contact Enrollment Services/Registration and Records by telephone, (313) 583-6500 or email,

General Reporting Information:

Requirements: UserID, PIN, and assignment as course instructor

UM-Dearborn Connect Login:

  • UserID - Your UserID is your UMID/EMPL ID.
  • PIN - For security purposes, your PIN for entering UM-Dearborn Connect is a random six-digit number.  Your PIN may be obtained in person at Enrollment Services/Registration and Records or via email at

Once you have logged in, you may change your PIN (do not use your birth date) by clicking on “Change Your PIN,” located under the Personal Information main menu.

You have three tries to login correctly.  If unsuccessful, your PIN will be disabled. You must contact Enrollment Services/Registration and Records to re-activate your PIN.

Security Q & A: During your first login into the system, you will be required to enter a security question and answer.  If you forget your PIN, this Q&A will enable you to reset your PIN and gain access to your information.

Early Warning Report Sheet: Twenty five (25) students are listed per page.  If your course has more than 25 students, click the Submit button to save any entered marks, then click one of the Current Record Set buttons to advance to the next page. It is essential that you click the Submit button to save your grades prior to advancing to the next page.  Failure to do so will cause a loss of all marks entered on the page.  The Current Record Set buttons are located directly above and below the list of students.

Electronic Signature: Your PIN is your electronic signature in the online system. If you wish, you may print a copy of your Early Warning sheet(s) for your records.

Early Warning Grading:

  • Estimated Grade - Enter an estimated grade for each student you have identified who has poor attendance or is not showing signs of academic success in class. This estimated grade will be made available to students. Estimated grades used for Early Warning do not replace final grades that students will receive at the end of the term.
  • Student Issues - From the predefined list of student issues, you may choose the item(s) that best define the problems associated with the student.
  • Comments - The comment section is a free format field that permits a faculty member to make comments regarding the student's work in the course.

Reporting Instructions

Follow these steps to enter Early Warning Reports:

  1. From the UM-Dearborn Connect Main Menu, select the Faculty & Advisors link.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select the Early Warning link.
  3. Select the 'Provide Feedback Between...' link next to the course to which you want to enter a report.
  4. Click the Show/Hide () icon to enter feedback for a specific student. The row expands to display student options.
  5. Enter an estimated grade.
  6. Select issue(s) that applies to the student.
  7. Enter comments
  8. Use the Show/Hide icon to close current student record and open another record as needed.
  9. Click the Submit button.