Faculty and Staff Campaign Account Codes

This is a broad cross-section of account codes that includes all colleges, special programs and scholarships. If you don't see the specific fund you are looking for, please contact Institutional Advancement at 313-593-5130 or and we'll be happy to help.


College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters

College of Business

College of Engineering and Computer Science

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Special Programs and Centers

Athletics and Recreation

Campus Wide

Environmental Interpretive Center

Mardigian Library

Office of the Chancellor

Student Support



College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters (CASL)

300485 Armenian Studies
301854 Behavioral Sciences Development
301855 Mathematics Development
301856 Natural Sciences Development
303026 Art Administration Fund
303421 CASL Honors Program Scholarship
304867 Foreign Language Studies
306326 CASL SOAR Program
307125 CASL Co-op Program
307173 Center for Religion and Society
307237 Linda Fisher Memorial Fund
307358 CASL International Programs Scholarship
307396 Center for Arab-American Studies
307897 CASL Emeriti Faculty Scholarship Fund
308238 Institute for Local Government
308847 Kochoff Foreign Language Media Center Fund
309350 History Development
309561 Women's Studies Critical Difference Fund
310204 CASL Retired Persons Scholarship Program
311567 CASL -- Dean's Strategic Initiative Fund
312288 Civic Engagement Project
312533 Criminal Justice Studies Strategic Initiative Fund
313318 Science Programming and Facilities
314236 Chorale Gifts
314670 Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts Development
314671 Language, Culture and Communications Development
314783 Writing Program and Writing Center Development
315583 Dr. Richard Potts Endowed Scholarship Fund
317452 Dr. John Devlin Scholarship Fund
321423 Dr. Mark DeCamp Professional Health Scholarship
323032 Charlene Wilson Scholarship Fund
361423 Washington Intern Program
361953 Economic Development
362282 Off-Campus Political Internships
362955 Social Sciences Development
363404 Economics Scholarship
365812 Math Department Scholarships
365821 CASL -- Annual Fund
367302 History Scholarship Fund
570741 Math Endowed Scholarship Fund
571568 Political Science Discipline's Development Fund
704458 CASL Alumni Affiliate Scholarship Endowment
797415 Dr. Paul Zitzewitz Memorial Scholarship Fund for Student Research Endowment
808090 Science Building Fund

College of Business (COB)

303723 Accounting Program Curriculum Development Fund
304502 Accounting and Finance Development
306999 Nancy J Foran Memorial Scholarship Fund
308489 College of Business Scholarship Fund
309506 COB -- Dean's Strategic Initiative Fund
310362 College of Business Internship Program
311663 COB Internship Scholarship Fund
314712 ITM Endowed Scholarship Fund
315003 COB Faculty and Staff Scholarship Fund
316349 COB Alumni Affiliate Student Support
364989 Management Studies Development Fund
365818 COB -- Annual Fund
571919 Czarnecki Endowed Scholarship Fund

College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)

301971 Mechanical Engineering Computer
302332 Electrical and Computer Engineering - Development
303308 Industrial and Systems Engineering
303896 Engineering Science Scholarship
305336 Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems (IAVS)
305354 CIS - General Gifts
305936 Dean's Discretionary Fund - Engineering
306003 College of Engineering Student Scholarship
306104 Csonka Memorial Scholarship Fund
306399 IAVS - Student Research
307782 ECE-MI-Research
307873 IAVS-Structural Durability Analysis of Light Mass
307942 Intelligent Systems
308039 CEEP Senior Projects
308192 Microsoft Automobile Computing
308272 Challenge X
308443 CEEP-Flexible Manufacturing Supply Chain Design
309435 Support of Thermal Spray Research
309721 Intelligent Vehicle Power
311431 Development of CAE Tools and Design Guidelines
311511 Co-op Travel
311524 CEEP-Extracting Diagnostic Knowledge
314620 Engineering Development
362398 Computer and Information Science Program Development
362564 Mechanical Engineering Special Equipment Fund
363857 Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program Enrichment
365819 CECS -- Annual Fund
374005 Center for Engineering Education and Practice
571668 IMSE Endowed Scholarship Fund

College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS)

303211 Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) -- Child Scholarships
308786 Ford PAS Program
310453 Special Education - FCDR
312842 Early Childhood Education Center/Oakwood PEF Partnership
313025 CEHHS Student Teaching Scholarship Fund
313258 Save our Children Coalition (SOCC)
362345 Early Childhood Education Center
365822 CEHHS - Annual Fund
575244 CEHHS Special Education Scholarships

Athletics and Recreation

303614 Physical Education, Recreation and Athletic Development Fund
303615 Athletic Scholarship
303616 Women's Volleyball Scholarship
303617 Women's Basketball Scholarship
303618 Men's Basketball Scholarship
305658 Dearborn Athletic Center
363195 UM-D Hockey Blue Line Club

Campus Wide

301955 Fund for UM-Dearborn
304594 Art Museum Project
308656 Rouge River Gateway Partnership
312136 Public Affairs Education Fund
314713 Seeds of Sustainability
317487 Provost's Strategic Initiative Fund
319970 Fair Lane Music Guild
361256 Commission for Women

Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC)

303732 Rouge River Bird Observatory
305276 EIC Building Fund
305356 EIC - School Programs
308788 EIC Landscape Fund
308887 Urban Environmental Education Outreach Program
361597 Environmental Study Area

Mardigian Library

301949 Library Services-Dearborn
303808 Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral Archive
304782 Circle of Friends - Mardigian Library
308086 Collection of Excellence
316916 Mardigian Library Fund
361532 Mardigian Library-Gifts/Collections
363796 Library Gifts Enrichment

Office of the Chancellor


Student Support

304619 Chaldean American Student Association Scholarship
308172 Critical Difference Fund
311131 Elnora Ford Intellectual Excellence Award
311690 Opportunity Scholarships
312474 LEO Scholarship Fund
312871 Michigan Campus Compact
314332 WUMD College Radio
314617 The Forever Grateful Scholarship
362517 Enrollment Management and Student Life Development
364488 Women's Center
366083 Partners Plus Scholarships
571253 Selma Baumgarten Endowed Memorial Scholarship
571423 IMSE Endowed Scholarship Fund
571899 Helen Mataya Graves Political Science Internships Scholarship
728213 Alumni Legacy Scholarship