Our mission is to encourage and support an environment where significant acts and achievements by staff which reflect our institutional values and commitment to excellence, innovation and/or leadership are continuously recognized and rewarded.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Further developing and refining the Staff Recognition Program framework.
  • Developing and overseeing the administration of campus-wide components of the Program, to include the selection of activities and programs for inclusion at the campus-wide level; developing criteria for campus-wide recognition awards; and evaluating and selecting recognition award recipients.
  • Serving as an information resource for division, school/college and department leadership in the development of unit-based programs and practices.
  • Developing information resources such as the publication of recognition and reward ideas and information to guide administrators regarding institutionally available and acceptable recognition and reward practices and mechanisms.
  • Conducting periodic assessments of campus-wide recognition needs and developing and implementing Program elements to meet those needs.
  • Encouraging recognition and reward practices across all campus levels and providing periodic reports to the Staff Senate and campus administration.
  • Remaining abreast of various industry staff recognition practices and updating the Program as necessary.
  • Promoting the Staff Recognition Program across campus and ensuring the campus-wide publicity of recognition award recipients through various communication channels.
  • Planning venues for campus-wide Staff Recognition Program activities.
  • Working in collaboration with the Staff Development Coordinator to identify, develop and deliver staff learning and development programs which aim to empower all members of the organization to more effectively engage in staff recognition activities and which foster a more supportive organizational environment for staff recognition and reward activities.