Award Criteria

The Honor Scholar Award is presented to the one active undergraduate student per degree program with at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of 90 credit hours earned by the Fall term. Award recognition is also presented to one active graduate student per degree major with at least a 7.0 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of three-quarters of their program completed by the end of the Fall term. The student, selected by the respective discipline faculty, also meets other criteria established by department, school or college including contributions to the discipline through research and service activities such as tutoring, mentoring and leadership in discipline based student organizations.

2009 Recipients

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters


Anthropology: Karen Leigh Rector

Art History: Renee Massarello

Behavioral Sciences: Karen Ross

Biochemistry: Eric Brandt

Biological Sciences: Zeinab A. Hashem

Chemistry (ACS): Natalie Wasio

Chemistry Instructional: Kristen Hutchens

Communications: Jessica Grabowski

Criminal Justice Studies: Khitam R. Kasham

Earth Sciences: Christy Steffke

Economics: Jason C. Russell

English: Brandon J. Hoskins

Environmental Science: Kimberly Sayenga-Haering

Environmental Studies: Natalie Ray

French Studies: Jameela Hamood

General Studies: Sherri A. Newman

Health Policy Studies: Diana Watson

Hispanic Studies: Ariana Kurti

History: Carrie M. Smith

International Studies: Aaron Figurski

Liberal Studies: Joyce Wayble Rudowski                                                                               

Mathematics and Statistics: Emily Rose Rodrique

Microbiology: Ganj A. Ahmad

Philosophy: Drew Matzke

Physics: Joseph Yazbeck

Political Science: Carrie M. Smith

Psychology: Lauren Reed

Social Studies: Reyna M. Esquivel

Sociology: Martin Kosla

Urban and Regional Studies: Sarah Hoerl

Graduate Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics: David Barnes

Graduate Program in Environmental Science: Bridget Rohn

Graduate Program in Liberal Studies: Harold R. Reese

Graduate Program in Psychology: Rochelle DeCastro

Graduate Program in Public Policy: Jonathan M. Berent

Graduate Program in Public Administration: Maureen Franklin


School of Education


Bachelor of Arts in Education (Early Childhood): Sarah M. Kurtjian

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Social Studies): Jeffrey W. Pancoast                                          

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Language Arts): Rana W. Hakim

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Mathematics Studies): Carole J. Richardson

Bachelor of Arts in Special Education: Heather M. McClure

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Science Studies): Lynn S. Wright

Bachelor of General Studies in Education (Children and Families): Marilyn V. Gatewood

Graduate Program in Education: Amatullah I. Ahmed

Graduate Program in Special Education: Rachel Rene Keilman

Graduate Program in Science Education: Janice B. Depper

Graduate Program in Teaching: Marc A. Hoerauf


College of Engineering and Computer Science                  


Computer Engineering: Gerti Tuzi

Computer and Information Science (Computer Science Option): Christopher Peiprzak

Computer and Information Science (Information Systems Option): Michael Sherron

Electrical Engineering: Jessica Lee Turner

Industrial and Systems Engineering: Lauren Liske

Manufacturing Engineering: Nicholas Hedrick

Mechanical Engineering: Nathan Steward

Software Engineering: Evan Musu

Graduate Program in Automotive Systems Engineering: Abhay Mane

Graduate Program in Computer Engineering: Zeljko Popovic

Graduate Program in Computer and Information Science: Michael Reterstorf

Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering: Naveen Naraharisetti

Graduate Program in Engineering Management: Thomas Domlovil

Graduate Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering: Jennifer Ng

Graduate Program in Information Systems and Technology: Scott Smith

Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering: Shamsuddin Noorani

Graduate Program in Software Engineering: Christopher Myers


College of Business


Accounting Information Systems: Jessica Zielinski

Controllership: Peter Meidanis

Finance: Matthew Keigher

Financial Accounting and Reporting: Elena Gorbonosov

Human Resources Management: Matthew Fix

Management: Charles Firment

Management Information Systems: Heba Abouarabi

Marketing: Kristen Bescoe

Graduate Program in Accounting: Catherine Kopecky

Graduate Program in Business Administration: Raymond Landsberg

Graduate Program in Finance: Yekaterina Ternyayeva

Dual Degree Graduate Program in Business Administration and Finance: Matthew Bucciero

Graduate Program in Business Administration and Industrial and Systems Engineering:
Marisa Faith