Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Saving Money on Textbooks

There are many ways to buy college textbooks:  new books, used books, e-textbooks, and even rental books.  Consider your study habits and if you plan to keep your books.

  • When can I know what books I need?  After you complete registration,  you can access your textbook list from UM-Dearborn Connect by clicking on order your textbooks now  (see below). Don't worry--you will not be required to purchase your textbooks from this site.  You will receive a listing of the textbooks that you need for all of your courses and much more. 

 Ordering Textbooks Online

  • How much will my books cost? Costs vary depending where you purchase your books, but the Barnes & Noble website will show you the costs for new, used, rental, e-textbooks at the campus bookstore.
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is also provided on the website.  The ISBN identifies each book and edition.  The ISBN will help you locate the current book and edition if you decide to shop elsewhere.
  • Investigate the costs of e-textbooks especially if you like using a tablet.
  • Consider rental books to save money on books you do not plan to keep.
  • Comparison shop online using the ISBN.
  • Used books are a favorite way to save money.  Purchasing a used book on site provides the advantage of being able to examine the book for condition.
  • Consider other costs like sales tax and shipping costs when making cost comparisons.  Don't forget shipping time--you don't want to start your classes without books.
  • Book vouchers are available for financial aid students whose aid exceeds the cost of their tuition.  Students can only use book vouchers at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on campus or at