Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee

The Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee of the University Curriculum and Degree Committee functions as the review and approval body for the Dearborn Discovery Core. The Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee motion can be found here.


Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee Membership Structure

Chair (Non-voting except to break a tie), Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs and Integrative Learning or designee


Voting Members:

Three tenured faculty representatives from CASL  (3)

One tenured faculty representative from CECS (1)

One tenured faculty representative from CEHHS (1)

One tenured faculty representative from COB (1)


Subcommittee Advisors (non-voting):

The University Registrar or designee (1)

The Library Director or designee (1)

The Director of Admissions & Orientation or designee (1)

The Campus Assessment Coordinator or designee (1)


Subcommittee Members

Pam Pennock, Campus Assessment Coordinator (Subcommittee Chair)

Angela Krebs, CASL faculty representative (Term: F15-W16)

Arlo Clark-Foos, CASL faculty representative (Term: F15-W17)

Bill DeGenaro, CASL faculty representative (Term: F15-W17)

Selim Awad, CECS faculty representative (Term: F15-W17)

Gail Luera, CEHHS faculty representative (Term: F15-W17)

Magali Valero, COB faculty representative (Term: F15-W16)