Chancellor Daniel Little: 18 Years of Leadership

Daniel Little is the fifth and longest-serving chancellor at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, having led the campus since July 2000. Under his leadership, the university stands at record enrollment with just over 9,300 students. Undergraduate minority enrollment has increased to 26 percent, the campus has built a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, and the university has developed into a strong metropolitan university with a particular focus on metropolitan Detroit.

Below are just a few examples of how UM-Dearborn has developed under Chancellor Little’s leadership. (View text-only version)


9,339 students enrolled at UM-Dearborn for Fall 2017, a 12.27 percent increase in enrollment since Fall 2000. The university has also seen gains in first-year retention rate and total credit hours.

Infographic depicting 9,339 students enrolled at UM-Dearborn for Fall 2017.
Graph depicting increases in enrollment.


UM-Dearborn continues to offer the excellence of a University of Michigan education for students in southeast Michigan and beyond. Since Chancellor Little's arrival in 2000, the university has launched additional innovative, industry-responsive programs that aim to help students think critically, work collaboratively and thrive in the global job market.

Infographic depicting 100 plus academic programs.
Infographic depicting 17 international 3+2 programs launched.
Infographic depicting 7 doctoral programs launched.
Infographic depicting 13 percent increase in faculty.

Facilities and Financial Health

Chancellor Little has overseen renovations of the University Center, the Science Learning and Research Center and the Natural Sciences Building, the purchase of the Fairlane Center and the Early Childhood Education Center, the building of the IAVS, the private-public partnership for the Union at Dearborn, and the planning for the new Engineering Lab Building.

Infographic depicting 8 new or renovated buildings.
Infographic depicting 603 beds available at the Union at Dearborn.
Infographic depicting 164% increase in instructional budget.
Infographic depicting 166% increase in research money awarded.
Infographic depicting 8 million dollars redirected in last decade to highest priorities because of cost cutting.

Metropolitan Impact

Chancellor Little announced a fresh vision for UM-Dearborn in 2005 as a “metropolitan university.” Since then, the university community has worked toward increasing enrollment and achieving metropolitan impact through community partnerships, engaged learning and research.

Infographic depicting 743% increase in financial aid budget.
Infographic depicting 707 community partners.
Infographic depicting 75% of faculty engage in university/community partnerships.
Infographic depicting 61% of students volunteer in the community.
Infographic depicting 27,676 degrees conferred, out of which 51% of all degrees have been conferred under Chancellor Little's leadership.

* Based on the 2017 Office of Metropolitan Impact Engagement Inventory.

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