Dearborn students are required to register with the University of Michigan's Student Travel Registry for international and domestic travel that relates or otherwise connects in any way (e.g., for a class, engaged learning activity, etc.). Travel must be deemed "essential" per ongoing U-M guidelines. Students should forward a written email verification to the Director of Global Engagement, Scott Riggs ( from a UM-Dearborn faculty member stating that the student’s travel is essential both academically and to the specific requested location.

What are UM-related, engaged learning activities? 

Off-Campus engaged learning activities take place off campus and engage students in real-world problems, issues and opportunities in a variety of settings. 


  • Engaged learning activities include activities such as internships and co-ops (at both domestic and international locations), Semester in Detroit, academic service learning, student teaching, community-based learning and research, community engagement efforts and other co-curricular activities, research in external, non-University of Michigan laboratories, clinical placements in the health sciences and psychology, etc.
  • Off-campus engaged learning activities are considered UM-related if the student meets any of the following criteria: 
    • Receives UM credit for the experience 
    • Participates in an off-campus engaged learning activity that is UM-managed or organized 
    • Participates in an engaged learning activity that is necessary to achieve a degree requirement 
    • Participates in an engaged learning activity organized by a Sponsored Student Organization or an engaged learning activity that is formally sanctioned by a UM unit as a Sponsored Event 
    • Receives funding from a UM unit or receives funds managed by the UM for their engaged learning activity. 
  • An off-campus engaged learning activity is considered UM-managed or organized when a UM unit, faculty or staff member is involved in creating, funding, or approving the activity, or coordinating the applications and selection of participants. Note that situations where UM is merely certifying a student’s enrollment status are not subject to this guidance. 

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