UCDC Assessment Subcommittee


Under the authority of the Faculty Senate, this committee assists in the coordination of university-level assessment and oversees divisional or unit-level assessment, utilizing a distributed model for assessment with local responsibility. This committee maintains and implements the University Assessment Plan by monitoring and supporting assessment activities in individual units. It also coordinates assessment activities associated with university-level and program-level accreditation.


Pamela Pennock, College of Arts, Sciences and Letters


Karen Thomas-Brown, Health and Human Services [08/31/2021]
Caleb Siefert, College of Arts, Sciences and Letters [08/31/2022]
Claudia Kocher, College of Business [08/31/2022]
Francia Martinez Valencia, College of Arts, Sciences and Letters [08/31/2022]
Bochen Jia, College of Engineering and Computer Science [08/31/2022]


Jessica LaGrange, Director of Academic Success


  • Create and maintain structure, policy and procedure for regular program assessment on campus.
  • Create and monitor submission and review process for annual assessment reports.
  • Offer input and recommendations regarding technical needs relating to assessment reporting and data management.
  • Offer assistance and feedback in program review and long term strategic planning.
  • Assist in the coordination of assessment and reporting of student learning for academic, co-curricular and student success resources on campus.
  • Support assessment planning and development in General Education, the UCDC and Graduate Subcommittee.
  • Committee annual reports will be presented annually to the Chancellor, Provost and Deans.

Membership Structure:

The committee membership is structured in staggered phases (alternating 1 and 2 year commitments) to ensure continuity in the process, and is designed to include all units.  Membership may expand to include joint members of the UCDC, Graduate Board, General Education Committees and EMSL.

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