Strategic Planning: Vision 2020

Reflect. Reimagine. Recreate.

As we reflect on the inception of Vision 2020, in 2011 as a strategic planning tool and the subsequent campus-wide efforts across the past 7 years to implement key initiatives, we recognize the significant work that has been accomplished. View Goals Achieved 

We have achieved many of our original goals and have now embedded these foundational practices into the ongoing work and continuous improvement of the campus. We have also realigned our priorities and moved forward with new initiatives, with much progress made.

As we look forward to 2020 and beyond, we have worked to ensure that our strategic priorities framework reflects not only the good work faculty and staff have done, but also current efforts underway, as well as initiatives that will shape our future.

To that end, the steering committee has garnered feedback from a variety of campus stakeholders to realign the Vision 2020 priorities more closely with the pillars of the metropolitan vision, developing a more cohesive, strategic framework of priorities, initiatives and measurable actions. We have incorporated feedback shared with us and worked with teams across campus to further update the initiatives, actions and timing in the document below.

Vision 2020 Strategic Priorities Framework - View FINAL

Fall 2017 Forums

Fall 2017 Forums - Overview

Breakout Session Summaries  
Priority 1: Advancing Research & Scholarship Priority 1
Priority 2: Promoting Student-Centered Academic Innovation Priority 2
Priority 6: Improving Retention, Graduation, and Employment Placement Rates Priority 6 
Priority 9: Building a Community of Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Citizenship (part 1) Priority 9
Priority 9: Building a Community of Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Citizenship (part 2) Priority 9
Priority 10: Focusing Expertise and Resources on the Metropolitan Region  Priority 10


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