As set forth in more detail below, the University uses two processes to resolve reports of Prohibited Conduct under this Policy: (1) investigative resolution, which involves an investigation, a hearing, and, if applicable, sanctions, and an appeal; and (2) adaptable resolution, which includes restorative options for resolving reports of Prohibited Conduct. Both investigative resolution and adaptable resolution are described in more detail below in Section XIII and Section XIV, respectively. The Title IX Coordinator will determine the appropriate manner for addressing the concerns raised, after making an initial assessment of the reported information. Where the Complainant requests anonymity, that investigative resolution not be pursued, or that no disciplinary action be taken, the Title IX Coordinator will determine appropriate next steps, if any, after receiving input from DOS and Police & Public Safety.

The University will strive to complete resolution of any matter, meaning the period from commencement of an investigation, which begins with the notice of an investigation to the Respondent, through completion of the investigation, and hearing and sanction, if any, within ninety (90) calendar days. This time frame may be extended for good cause, which may exist if additional time is necessary to ensure the integrity and completeness of the investigation; comply with a request by law enforcement for temporary delay to gather evidence; accommodate the availability of witnesses; account for University breaks or vacations; account for case complexities (including the number of witnesses and volume of information provided by the parties), or for other legitimate reasons. If one or both of the parties pursue an appeal, the University will strive to complete resolution, meaning the period from commencement of an investigation through completion of the appeal, within one hundred twenty (120) calendar days.

Best efforts will be made to complete the process in a timely manner by balancing principles of thoroughness, fairness, and promptness.

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