Identity Theft Prevention Program

The University’s Identity Theft Prevention Program was developed pursuant to the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flag Rules.

Red Flag Policies

The University’s Identity Theft Prevention Program was developed pursuant to the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flag Rules. The University’s Program is designed to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft in connection with the opening of a covered account or any existing covered accounts within the University’s Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses. The following procedures are for University of Michigan-Dearborn students, faculty, and staff.

Reporting Name or Identity Theft

All reports made by a student to a University of Michigan-Dearborn employee must be referred to the Office of Enrollment Services/Registration & Records.

A student may document a claim of a theft of his/her identity by submitting a request to Enrollment Services/Registration & Records. A request for a Red Flag must be in writing via the Red Flag Notification Form or a written statement signed by the student. A copy of the police report that details the incident must be included with the request. (Two pieces of ID are required, one must be with a photo).

Handling Claims of Identity Theft

Upon receiving a claim from a student that his/her identity has been stolen, the Office of Enrollment Services/Registration Records will:

  1. Place a University Red Flag Hold on the student’s records and transcript information,
  2. Notify all Red Flag Team members of the hold, and
  3. Maintain the Red Flag Hold until the student presents a request, via the Red Flag Removal Request Form or a signed written statement, to have the hold removed (the student must appear in person with two pieces of ID, one must be with a photo).

Students who process a claim of identity theft will not have access to online services. Many services that the University offers online will not be available to them and they will need to appear in person, with proper ID, at the Office of Enrollment Services /Registration & Records. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Address changes
  • Degree/Diploma applications
  • Making payments
  • Ordering transcripts
  • Processing registration, adds, and drops
  • Requesting Enrollment Verification
  • Retrieving grades

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to learn more about the new procedures and ways to prevent identity theft at:

Ann Arbor Identity Theft Prevention Program

New Federal Regulation by the Federal Trade Commission

United States Department of Justice

Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Protection Site