University Objectives

Through the strategic planning process, we will find pathways to meet these objectives, identified in Chancellor Grasso's April 2019 Inaugural Address.

1. Increase retention and graduation rates to 70% or higher

We must continue to significantly increase both retention and six-year graduation rates to a steady, predictable 70 percent or better. We can accomplish this not only by continuing to provide superb and relevant education but also by wrapping our students in all the resources and support services they need to succeed. Although we have made progress in this area recently, we need to take it to the next level. 

2. Increase Enrollment Over the Next 5 - 10 yrs (improving access, and increasing student aid)

In order to improve educational access, address talent gaps throughout the state, and meet the needs of expanding markets, we must dare to significantly increase the number of students we serve. Closely coupled with enrollment growth must be a significant increase in available student aid.  Inevitably, our recruitment efforts will also make this learning community a stronger and more diverse venue in terms of race, ethnicity, socioeconomics, life experience, geography, and perspectives.

3. Doubling Research Portfolio/Productivity. Engaging in research that will address the most pressing issues of our time.

We must continue to serve as a powerful engine of our economy, leveraging the talent of our distinguished faculty and taking full advantage of our scholarly potential ... doubling our research metabolism. Our faculty, working with our students, must and will play a larger role in exploring new ideas, questioning assumptions, seeking alternative explanations, and formulating the desperately needed policies and solutions for the most pressing challenges of our time.

4. Offer Degrees with Michigan Excellence in Emerging and Exciting Fields 

By continuing to collaborate closely with our partners in business, industry, government, and the non-profit sector, we will offer the excellence of a Michigan degree in emerging, exciting, and relevant fields … with a Dearborn Drive Train. 

5. Increase Philanthropic Enterprise and Identify/Create New Revenue Streams, Innovative Ways to Conduct Business

To support and fuel our vision for the future, we must identify and in some cases create new revenue streams. This will involve significant increases in our philanthropic enterprise and it will also involve finding new, innovative ways to conduct business and to deliver education. It will also involve forging more and even stronger consequential alliances with external partners. 

6. Discover New Ways to Educate Our Students

We must discover how to educate differently. Including exploring new modes of delivery, new ways of organizing our departments, our classes, our internships, and new ways of engaging and supporting our students.

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