Values and Principles

We enthusiastically embrace our role in serving our students and shaping the future of society through the core values outlined below:

  • Promote the success of our students—on campus and throughout their personal and professional lives—by developing careers, character and perspectives
  • Provide excellent, accessible and affordable educational programs
  • Support the professional growth and success of our staff and faculty as scholars and teachers
  • Create and sustain a culture of respect, inclusion and diversity
  • Encourage scholarship and generate and share knowledge that is consequential

Our conversation will be guided by a set of performance principles that reflect and support both our Core Values and Strategic Opportunities. These principles include a commitment to:

  • Honor and uphold the excellence of the University of Michigan
  • Pursue excellence in everything we do
  • Acquire sufficient resources to realize our plans and objectives
  • Act as honorable and wise stewards of all resources entrusted to us
  • Create and sustain a respectful, inclusive, safe and welcoming environment
  • Foster the success and well-being of the campus community and the people who comprise it
  • Strive for efficient and effective operations
  • Encourage and enable all of our employees and alumni to be enthusiastic UM-Dearborn ambassadors

Build and maintain a culture of creativity and daring.  Embrace innovation, be willing to take risks, assess our progress and make necessary adjustments as we strive for constant and continuous improvement.

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