Final Steps After Successful Defense

After successfully defending your thesis, the steps below will guide you through the format approval process required to release your final grade and archive your master's thesis. Effective September 2016, thesis submission has moved to electronic deposit in Deep Blue

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all relevant deadlines and to plan accordingly.  

Fall 2021 Final Submission Deadline for Review: December 6, 2021 
Winter 2022 Final Submission Deadline for Review: April 15, 2022 
Summer 2022 Final Submission Deadline for Review: August 10, 2022

Be sure to check with your department for internal deadlines. 


Format Review of Master's Thesis

Once a recommendation from the thesis committee has been granted, please submit a copy of your thesis to be reviewed by Subject Librarians from the Mardigian Library. Be sure to follow the format guidelines provided

Though the initial version submitted for format review may be a .doc or .docx file, the final approved version for archiving must be in PDF format. 

Note: The format check process does take time and may require multiple iterations prior to approval. Be sure to submit your thesis for format check with adequate time before your department's deadline for a final grade. We recommend allowing at least one week for edits. 

Preparing Final Approved Version for Deep Blue Archiving

Once your format check has been approved, the final PDF digital copy (with fonts embedded) will be the copy of record and will be submitted to Deep Blue, a digital repository that is part of the University of Michigan Library.

To maintain the usability and appearance of your work, please review Best Practices for Producing High Quality PDF Files and Preparing Your Manuscript Guide

Deep Blue allows for a maximum of three files no larger than 50 MB each to be uploaded. Students might opt to include supplementary digital materials with their thesis such as an audio file or spreadsheet or even a software program written as part of the thesis.   Depositing not just the finished work but related materials (data, images, audio and video files, etc.) can create a "director's cut" that gives context to your work and promotes further scholarship.

In order to archive your work, the approved PDF version must be accompanied by a complete and signed Master’s Thesis Submission Form. This form requires the signatures of your thesis committee members; it is recommended that you bring this form to your defense. You must also include your ORCID number and Library Category for archiving. You will be asked to provide bibliographic keywords that describe the content of your thesis, including subject, concepts, theory, and methods.  These will help others to find and retrieve your thesis.  

Informing Your Department & Final Grade Release

Once the final version has been approved and all materials required for Deep Blue deposit are received, you and your department will receive an email notification from your designated librarian that you have completed the thesis format check/archiving process. This will allow the department to proceed with release of your final grade. If you plan to graduate the same term as your defense, your final grade must be released before your department's deadline to submit a final list of degree candidates to the Office of the Registrar. 

Notification of Deposit in Deep Blue

In the weeks following the format check process, your master's thesis will be deposited into Deep Blue by library staff. Once the deposit is complete, you will receive your Deep Blue Handle, a direct URL to your work. 

Embargo Options

Master’s theses and abstracts are normally made publicly available upon degree conferral when they are deposited electronically in Deep Blue. This allows scholars and researchers to access your work and broadens the dissemination of your scholarship. 

If a student wishes to postpone public release of the final thesis, also called an embargo, the student should discuss embargo options with their faculty advisor. It is the student's responsibility to request an embargo of the thesis and submit the appropriate accompanying form. 

Be sure to consider the benefits of open access availability to your work before making a final decision. 

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