UM Policies

In addition to UM-Dearborn ORSP policies, some additional UM policies are described below.

  • Conflict of Interest (COI)

    Disclosure of Outside Financial Interests

    UM-Dearborn's faculty and staff policies on Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and disclosing outside financial interests are posted on the Dearborn Provost website.

    Faculty (except LEO faculty) are required submit a disclosure of outside financial interests related to their University job (or a "nothing to disclose" submission) annually every July and to update this within 30 days if any changes take place.  Disclosures of outside financial interests and conflicts of interest or commitment by faculty or staff are made in M-Inform which is found on Wolverine Access.

    Applications for Campus Grants (internal Dearborn research grants funded by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs) from faculty (other than LEO faculty) who do not have a current disclosure in M-Inform will be returned to the applicant.

    M-Inform Help

    M-Inform Overview

    M-Inform Decision Tree

    M-Inform Instructions

  • Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRAs)



    Differences between the Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses such as the systems used to account for tuition (MPathways versus Banner) have an impact on procedures, policies, and timing of processing GSRA appointments.  Hiring documents, online DBEs, and appointment change submittal forms for all GSRAs should be sent to the Office of Research and Sponsored w Programs whether or not the GSRA is charged to a sponsored program.  From there, these documents go to Dearborn HR and then to Ann Arbor HR.  After the add/drop date, Financial services will work with Student Accounts to process tuition waivers.

    Other Issues:  All foreign students with a standard student visa need to be enrolled full-time and have health insurance coverage.  All GSRAs are automatically signed up for GradCare health insurance: if this coverage is not needed, the student must un-enroll by going to Dearborn HR and the Dearborn International Office (both offices must be shown evidence of health insurance coverage).  Late processing of GSRA appointments are likely to result in additional health insurance charges for the student.  In many cases, this additional charge cannot be reversed and the student will be responsible for and expected to pay these charges.  Students who have a GSRA appointment are considered to be full time if they are taking at least 6 credit hours for the purposes of maintaining their student visas.  A GSRA must take 6 credit hours each semester to be eligible for the GSRA appointment except that one term out of the year can be designated Term III and the student need not register for classes or may take a reduced load.  Students appointed as a GSRA in the Winter semester and who will be re-appointed in the Fall, are eligible for health insurance coverage in the Summer and the account of record (Winter semester) will be charged for this coverage in one charge that appears, usually, in May.


  • Data Security

    In addition to human subjects data security, many sponsors require data management plans for other types of data.

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