Funding Resources

  • Sign up for the University's RAP/RAPid newsletters which will deliver announcements directly to your email.
  • U-M Research Commons webpage - Managed by the Research Development team in the U-M Office of Research.
  • U-M Library Find Funding Portal - Managed by the U-M Library. A comprehensive resource for information on finding research funding. 
  • Limited Submissions - Find out if the funding opportunity you seek is Limited (i.e., sponsor limits the number allowed per institution) and what is required by that sponsor and by U-M. Researchers therefore will only compete with others from their own campus during internal competitions. ***See more information below.
  • If you're interested in working with a sponsor from the corporate or industry sector, work with both ORA and the Business Engagement Center.
  • Foundation Relations - Provides links to links to information and databases on foundation founding. You will work with both ORA and Institutional Advancement.
  • Sign up for one or more of these external sponsor email groups and alerts.
***Limited Submissions Process for Dearborn & Flint, Effective June 25, 2020***

Effective June 25, 2020, the institutional limits for limited submission opportunities will now apply to the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses separately. Researchers therefore will only compete with others from their own campus during internal competitions.  UMOR will continue to support all three campuses by curating, promoting, and administering limited submission opportunities through weekly RAPid emails and the Infoready Review site, and will work with representatives from each campus to manage internal competitions when necessary. Any questions can be sent to

Ken Sylvester (UMF) and Yi Lu Murphey (UMD) will serve as the designated representative for their campus.

  1. UMOR continues the practice of listing, announcing, administering limited submissions opportunities to the entire U-M community (all three campuses) through emails and management of the Infoready site.
  2. In upcoming communications/emails UMOR will continue to mention/highlight the fact that the institutional limit applies to each campus individually. They will also make all efforts to identify any opportunities that are specific to an individual campus with language like "Ann Arbor Faculty Only"
  3. UMOR will continue collecting letters of intent to submit and competition proposals for all three campuses.
  4. UMOR will notify designated representatives from Flint and Dearborn, as well as ORSP, if any faculty from these two campuses have indicated interest and/or have clearance to proceed to the sponsor.
  5. In the event where an internal competition is needed between faculty at Dearborn or Flint, UMOR will work with the designated representative to decide what review process will be best depending on the call for proposals.
  6. UMOR will work with UMF/UMD representatives to ensure institutional nominations/selections are communicated to ORSP. UMOR will flag PAFs in eResearch and track institutional success for reporting.

Pivot Funding Database

What is Pivot? A directory of researchers and research funding opportunities that combines:
• Funding Opportunities - with over 400,000 funding opportunities worth an estimated $33 billion.
• Scholar Universe - 3 million profiles of scholars worldwide.
Pivot compiles researcher profiles unique to an organization (such as University of Michigan-Dearborn) and matches them to relevant current funding opportunities. So, UM-Dearborn users can search for a funding opportunity and instantly view matching faculty from inside or outside UM-Dearborn. Or, a search for a given scholar will link to matching funding opportunities.

The Pivot Funding Database allows researchers to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive search of grant opportunities from a variety of global resources, including: government sources, foundations, and professional associations.
  • Search for opportunities using a variety of parameters such as keyword, text, funder deadline, citizenship or residency, and funding amount.
  • Setup and receive a customized weekly email alert tailored to your research interests to be notified of new funding opportunities.

Access UM-Dearborn's subscription to Pivot 

If you don’t have a Pivot account, go to
• Click on the Sign-up link in the upper right of the screen.
• Fill in all required fields
• Use your institutional-assigned email address (this will be your User ID)
• Create a password
• Find and Select our institution from the Institution pull-down menu
• Click the “Create my account” button and Pivot will send you an email to the address you supplied; in the email will be a verification URL.
• Click on the URL and you can begin using Pivot right away!

For assistance or more information, contact Timothy StreasickElectronic Resources Specialist, Mardigian Library 593-5567

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