M-Success (formerly known as EAB Campus) is the campus wide student success platform and Success@Dearborn initiative which is being used to transform students lives by connecting them with faculty and staff in order to provide high quality academic enrichment services and opportunities to engage with campus life at UM-Dearborn. 

M-Success enables students to schedule meetings with various support offices and programs on campus. Faculty and staff can also use the platform to support students through increasing coordination of services and integrating predictive analytics and institutional data into everyday student interactions. 

Faculty can support students by: Staff can support students by:
Submitting Early Warning Alerts Manage meetings and cases
Referring students to support units Referring students to other support units
Exploring and using institutional data 

Exploring and using student information to
inform interactions


Submitting Early Warning Alerts through M-Success

Please visit Early Warning Reports for dates, instructions, and more information on submitting reports. 

Resources and Training for M-Success

M-Success Resources: 

Measuring Effectiveness of M-Success

Measuring the impact and effectiveness of M-Success is an important part of implementing this new tool on our campus. The M-Success Leadership team has developed an Metrics Plan that outlines the data points that will be tracked in order to measure the usage and impact of M-Success. All data is collected through reports and analytics within the M-Success system. 

Metrics include data points like: 

  • Number of Appointments
  • Number of Unique Students 
  • Number of Cases opened and closed based on Early Warning Reports
  • Use of Campaigns 
  • Percentage of Students with Advising Tracked in M-Success
  • Student Retention

Check out the M-Success 6 Week Progress Report (January 1 - February 14, 2020).

Student Success Initiatives Coordinator

Mardigian Library (ML)

Kelsey Parker

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