Supplemental Instruction

“SI was helpful because it taught me to organize the information we learned in lectures in a way that made more sense to me.”

-- Supplemental Instruction Participant at UM-Dearborn

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

Supplemental Instruction sessions are peer-led study sessions for specific courses.

The SI sessions are scheduled review sessions in which students:

  • compare class notes
  • discuss assigned readings
  • solve practice problems develop organizational tools
  • review practice tests

The participants learn how to blend course content and study skills while working together.

The sessions are lead by “SI leaders”, students who have previously taken the courses and done well in them. The SI leaders also attend all the lectures, take notes, and are model students. The main purpose of this program is to improve students’ grades and increase student graduation rates.

Which classes have sessions?

Numerous Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Language, Philosophy, and Arts, Health/Human Services, and Business courses have SI. See the schedules below for the specific courses offered each semester:

Fore more information:

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