What is (M)Talent?

What is (M)Talent?

There are three levels of (M)Talent, each with a point threshold and a special challenge. Meet the point requirement to unlock that Impact Challenge, and then earn points for it to receive the awards associated for that level. 

  • (M)Talent Maize: 20,000 points; develop a challenge for other students to complete
  • (M)Talent Blue: 35,000 points; reflect on the 10 career-ready competencies 
  • (M)Talent: 50,000 points; present at the (M)Talent Showcase

Students who achieve the (M)Talent distinction are recognized at graduation as well as on their official transcript. This distinction identifies students who demonstrate the characteristics of an exceptional employee who has gained the professional skills needed to excel in any setting.

What are "Challenges"?

In simplest terms, a Talent Gateway “challenge” is a task – do this thing, think about that, go here – and then answer a variety of questions that prompt students to reflect on how that task impacts their academic, personal, and professional success. By completing these challenges, students gain - and learn to articulate - the soft skills that employers seek in today’s graduates.

Because the Talent Gateway is a web-based, virtual program, students can submit challenges any time, any where. They choose which challenges to work on, charting their own paths of professional development. Submissions are read and responded to by the Talent Ambassadors, who are upperclassmen or graduate students.

Some challenges include: 

  • Explore Diversity on Campus
  • Career Scan: Informational Interviews
  • How Career-Ready Are You?
  • Participate in a Co-Op, Internship, or Experiential Learning Opportunity
  • Student Organization Leader
  • BEST: Creating a Career Action Plan. 

With each challenge submission, students earn points towards the (M)Talent distinction on their official transcript and recognition at graduation. Along the way, as students "level-up", they earn awards and digital badges. For example, by completing the 10K challenge, they earn a Talent Gateway water bottle; by completing a competency capstone challenge, they receive a digital badge.

Meet Our (M)Talent Students

Our students are active members on campus and in the community; many have earned the University of Michigan-Dearborn Difference Maker Award. Hear the stories of our students who have presented at our showcases and have earned the (M)Talent distinction:

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
College of Business
  • Gaadeh Abourarabi, April 2019 graduation
  • Mikayla Adams, April 2021 graduation 
  • Tuka Alsebti, April 2019 graduation
  • Samah Beidoun, December 2019 graduation
  • Diana Bonna, December 2020 graduation 
  • Wajiha Fawaz, December 2021 graduation
  • Kamira Felton, April 2019 graduation
  • Kelly Gardner, April 2020 graduation
  • Rosa Gonzalez, April 2020 graduation
  • Nicole Gruman, April 2022 graduation
  • Zeinab Hachem, April 2020 graduation
  • Batoul Haidar, April 2020 graduation
  • Yashi Jain, December 2019 graduation
  • Hannah Johnson, April 2021 graduation 
  • Sana Khan, August 2021 graduation
  • Aisha Marea, December 2019 graduation
  • Sara Pomponio, Decemeber 2020 graduation 
  • Brandon Queen, April 2021 graduation
  • Raad Raad, December 2019 graduation
  • Clinton Randall, April 2018 graduation
  • Amber Steelman, April 2019 graduation
  • Anqi Zhang, April 2020 graduation 
College of Engineering and Computer Science
College of Education, Health, and Human Services

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