Conduct Review

Conduct Review for Applicants

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to ensuring an environment for all students that is safe and committed to academic excellence. To that end, each applicant is required to disclose any prior conduct that may impact our campus community. A Conduct Review Committee exists to review each applicant's statement and supporting documents. The Committee renders a decision regarding a student's past conduct prior to the application being reviewed for admission purposes. Answers to the following questions do not automatically bar applicants from admission.

Admissions application questions:

  • Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at any educational institution you have attended from the 9th grade (or the international equivalent) forward, whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct, that resulted in a disciplinary action? These actions could include, but are not limited to: probation, suspension, removal, dismissal, or expulsion form the institution.
  • Is any allegation of academic or disciplinary misconduct at any secondary school, college or university currently pending against you?
  • Have you ever been adjudicated guilty of a felony as an adult, or adjudicated responsible for any offense as a juvenile, involving violent or assaultive behavior, weapon possession, property destruction or sexually-related offenses? (Note: You may answer "no" to this question if the adjudication was withheld, or has been expunged, sealed, annulled, pardoned, destroyed, erased, impounded, or otherwise required by law or order of a court to be kept confidential.)
  • Is any felony charge involving violent or assaultive behavior, weapon possession, property destruction or sexually-related offenses pending against you?

If you answered "YES" to either question, please read the following which will explain your next steps.

Submitting Documents to the Conduct Review Committee

You must submit a typed and detailed statement of explanation. The statement should not exceed two typed pages and must contain the following:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth (for document matching purposes)
  3. Detailed description of the offense(s)
  4. The outcome of the offense(s): punishment, fines, etc.
  5. The status of the outcome
    • Has time been served?
    • Has parole, probation, or restitution been completed/paid in full, etc?
  6. Why the University should expect the conduct would not be repeated by you in the future

Supplemental Documents

It may also be necessary to submit supporting documents, dependent upon the circumstances. If you were convicted of a criminal offense, found delinquent by a juvenile court, or have current charges pending against you, we may also request the following:

  • Court abstract/disposition/register of action (outlining the charges)
  • Court documentation verifying the status of any parole, probation, or restitution
  • Police reports
  • Notification if listed on any sex offender registry
  • If court documentation is not available, an official letter from a parole officer is required outlining the status of parole (contact information must be included)

If the Conduct Review Committee requires any additional documentation, a representative from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will request these documents through either phone or email communication with the applicant.

Submit documents to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
1145 University Center
4901 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, MI 48128
or via email to 

Important Information 

  • The amount of time that lapses between an offense and the submission of an admissions application does not negate a student's obligation to answer a question with a "yes."
  • When a student signs their admissions application, the student is certifying that all the answers given were correct and complete to the best of their knowledge. Falsification or omission of information or credentials may result in the revocation of admission.
  • The members of the Conduct Review Committee represent a cross-section of campus and decisions made by the committee are final and binding.
  • Each individual situation is carefully reviewed, and all factors are considered before a decision is made.

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