Welcome Graduate Students!

We are excited that you have chosen our institution to pursue your graduate course of study. This is a whole new chapter in your academic and professional life, and we are honored to be your partner on the journey.

Over the course of the next few months and years, you will be challenged to deepen your understanding of your field of study and to expand the base of your knowledge. The days ahead will undoubtedly be filled with excitement, fulfillment, ups and downs, stress and success.  If you leave with only one thing after visiting this page, let it be the fact that the faculty and staff at UM-Dearborn  are dedicated to helping you  each step of the way.

This site is meant to be easy to use and easy to navigate and to give you all of the information you are looking for in one place. It is meant to augment the in-person graduate orientation and also serve as a reference for future use for those seeking information at any time during their academic careers.

While many new graduate students will be invited to a program-specific academic orientation, all new graduate students are also encouraged to attend the New Student Convocation and Graduate Student Orientation offered prior to the start of the fall term. New graduate students who begin their program in the winter or summer term are invited to attend our Graduate Student Orientation (convocation is only held in the fall).