Welcome Graduate Students!

We are excited that you have chosen our institution to pursue your graduate course of study. This is a whole new chapter in your academic and professional life, and we are honored to be your partner on the journey.

While many new graduate students will be invited to a program-specific academic orientation, all new graduate students are also encouraged to attend Graduate Student Orientation offered prior to the start of all terms. Graduate Student Orientation for fall and winter terms can be attended online or on campus and summer orientation is held online.

Summer 2019 Graduate Student Orientation

Orientation provides an overview of our campus and student logistics, support resources, student perks, and graduate student success tips.

Summer 2019 Orientation Campus Tours (Optional)

As part of your Summer Orientation experience, we offer optional 60 minute walking tours that visit several graduate buildings on the main campus. If you are interested in touring campus as part of your orientation, please register for one tour below. 

Office of Graduate Studies

1055 -
Administration Building (AB)
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