Graduate Application Status

Monitor your status online for current updates.

One of the many benefits to applying online is the ability to log in at anytime to check for updates on your application. Please allow five business days from initial submission before starting to monitor. You will receive an email when processing is complete and monitoring can begin. 

We recommend any applicant choosing to monitor their status through the online portal be familiar with the instructions and tips below. 

  • Our normal processing time is 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday) before your application summary will reflect an updated document in the portal. Note that different document types have different processing procedures and can therefore update at different times. Please keep this in mind as you monitor your status. 

  • Applications are not sent for decision review until all required supplemental materials are received and processed. 

    When applying to a program with rolling admission, complete files are generally reviewed within 2-3 weeks.

    When applying to a program with a hard deadline, all complete applications are reviewed at once and a decision will not come until after the review committee has met.

    • Go to the Admissions application website
    • Use the login ID and PIN you created when completing your web application, and click "login"
    • Select your desired admission term under "Submitted Applications" or "Processed Applications"
    • The Application Summary will be updated as your application progresses through the process

    The amount of summary detail will increase throughout your file's review. Pay special attention to the following areas as they become available:

    • Requirements: Dates indicate when item(s) are received. Blank areas indicate which item(s) are outstanding or not yet processed. An item will not be marked as received until processing is complete. 
    • Decision: This section appears once your application has been pushed into the system for processing and updates during the admissions process. 

    Questions about how to submit outstanding items? Review the How to Apply instructions

  • If you want to check your application status online and have forgotten your Admissions Login ID or PIN, email the Office of Graduate Studies to unlock your account or reset your password. Be sure to include a copy of an official, government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc.) to validate your identity. 

    Please note that your credentials are only valid in the Admissions area of the portal; if you attempt to login to any other area, you will receive an error. 


  • The Status column of the Requirements Summary and Application Preference number will not update at any time.
  • International transcripts will require an additional internal evaluation, which will appear in your checklist as "UM-Dearborn Transcript Review". If further items are required to complete this evaluation, you will be contacted directly. Your status will remain "Incomplete" until the review is completed. We do not provide a timeline for completion of this review as it varies greatly depending on when your file was ready for the review, how familiar your evaluator is with your institution, and the overall volume of transcripts ready for the review. All of the following must be received in order to conduct the review:
  • Additional items may appear on your checklist as needed. 

 Please contact Graduate Admissions with any questions about the admissions process.