This information pertains to students who wish to attend courses at UM-Dearborn following their graduation from high school but before their attendance at another institution in the fall term. Admission under this status is for the Summer II term (July-August) only.

To apply:

  1. Complete the Online Non-Degree Application - select "Recent High School Graduate Guest"
  2. Submit an official copy of your high school transcript, which must include SAT or ACT scores.
  3. Provide proof of admission to another institution for the fall term by submitting one of the following:
    a. A copy of your admission letter, or
    b. A copy of your fall registration, or
    c. A statement on letterhead from the institution signed by a staff member of the Office of Admissions verifying admission for the fall term

Admission requirements

To be admitted as a recent-high-school-graduate guest student, you must meet the regular standards for freshman admission to UM-Dearborn.

Transferability of course work

The institution to which you are transferring your UM-Dearborn course work makes the decision as to whether any particular course will transfer. You should talk with the Office of Admissions at that institution before enrolling for UM-Dearborn classes to ensure the best possible result. UM-Dearborn does not guarantee the transferability of courses to other institutions. To transfer classes, you will have to arrange for a transcript to be sent to your primary institution.

Office of Admissions and Orientation

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