Alumni answering the call

April 17, 2020

Giving back with time, talent and treasure during the coronavirus pandemic, #umdearborncares

alumni answering the call
alumni answering the call
Veronica Kubitz (’92 B.A.) (left), Julia Zamarron (’10 B.A.), Jennie (Bandolino) Morey (’86 B.A., '90 M.A.) distributing food at Dearborn public schools

UM-Dearborn alumni are known for their tenacity, resourcefulness and commitment to their community. Never has this been more evident than during the current health and economic crisis.

Here is some of the news that we’ve heard.

But we want to hear your story! Please share what you or any other alumni or friends have been doing to “answer the call.” Post on your social channels with #umdearborncares or email

Christopher Tremblay (’14 Ed.D.)

My dear friend Sr. Dorothy Ederer, O.P., a catholic chaplain for Holy Cross Services, was asked by her organization to make masks for the workers there, So I offered to help her!

I had a minor role in assisting. I found and printed a pattern that she could use. I measured and cut fabric and interfacing so that Sr. Dorothy could sew them.  I also went to the store to purchase additional fabric and elastic when she needed more supplies.  I was inspired to help because I knew she couldn't do it alone and I wanted to contribute toward the battle of COVID-19, even if it was in a small way. I know that masks are helping the social workers at the Holy Cross facilities stay safe as they interact with and service clients in their residential facilities.  I felt incredible knowing that I could contribute to keeping people healthy during this pandemic.

--Christopher Tremblay

Huda Kattan (’07 B.B.A.)

Huda Kattan, the founder and chief executive of cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, along with her husband, Chief Operating Officer Chris Goncalo ('08 M.S.Fin.), announced they will forgo their salaries until the end of the year to protect her employees. Huda also has pledged to donate $100,000 to freelance make-up artists.  “I was a make up artist,” said Kattan on “I was living job to job… what if I had my daughter at that time and I was alone? What would I do for food, what would I do for rent?” Read more below:

Veronica Kubitz (’92 B.A.)

With the closing of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic Dearborn Public schools students, like other children across the country, were faced with not receiving a daily breakfast and lunch. On March 17, food distribution at different locations of Dearborn schools began. I, along with Julia Zamarron (’10 B.A.), Jennie (Bandolino) Morey (’86 B.A., ’90 M.A.), and other staff members of Long Elementary volunteered to make sure our neighborhood children would have access to these meals.

As a teacher at Long Elementary, and a resident of the area, I have a personal connection and commitment to the families we serve--educationally, emotionally and nutritionally.  I am grateful that I am able to continue to serve and offer support even when I am not in the classroom.

--Veronica Kubitz

Jordan Brett ('11 M.P.A.)

Detroit Public Schools program supervisor for mentoring Jordan Brett hand delivers school supplies and a bag of breakfasts and lunches prepared at David L. Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School

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