UM-Dearborn celebrates Match Day 2020

March 23, 2020

Congrats to our alumni as they begin their medical careers

On Match Day, which took place on March 20, 2020, graduating medical students received notice from the National Resident Matching Program of the institution they "matched" with to begin their post-graduation residency in their chosen specialty. They typically celebrate their matches surrounded by friends and family, but this year many took to social media to share their exciting news.

We're bursting with pride at the accomplishments of our alumni medical students, so we're sharing their "virtual" announcements below.

We'd love to celebrate you, too! Please send your Match Day photo or video to or post to our UM-Dearborn Alumni Engagement social media accounts.

Jacqueline Vidosh (‘16 B.S., B.A.) matched into Anesthesiology at University of Michigan.

Mohamad Beidoun (‘15 B.S.) matched into Internal Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital.


Mariam Ayyash (‘13 B.S.), who is currently a resident at Henry Ford Hospital, congratulates her sister Marwa Ayyash (‘14 B.S.), who matched into Emergency Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital.


Brandon Kennedy (‘15 B.S.), right, matched into Ophthalmology at Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and Dustin Sielski (‘14 B.S.), center, matched into physical medicine and rehabilitation at Beaumont Royal Oak.



Zeinab Nasser (‘16 B.S.) matched into Internal Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital.


Ali Shuayto (‘15 B.S.) matched into Emergency Medicine at Beaumont. His photo shows three generations of doctors in his family.

Amanda Provost (‘15 B.S., B.A.) matched into Internal Medicine at Beaumont in Farmington Hills.


Husband and wife Dilara Turk and Mehdy Haidar (both ‘15 B.S.) matched into Dermatology at Wayne State and Radiology at Beaumont.



Ali Hourani (‘16 B.S.) matched into Pediatrics at University of Michigan’s Children’s Hospital.


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