Alumni Benefits

As a graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, you are eligible for the benefits listed below and are automatically a member of the UM-Dearborn Alumni Society (non-dues). In addition, you will receive Legacy, a campus alumni publication, quarterly alumni e-communications and have access to the university golf course in Ann Arbor and University of Michigan Credit Union.

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship provides undergraduate scholarships to academically talented students with familial or other significant relationships to UM-Dearborn graduates (i.e. child, sibling, grandchild, spouse, stepchild, niece, nephew, or cousin).  Contact Mike Santicchia, president of the Michigan-Dearborn Alumni Legacy Foundation, at 248-204-9361 or e-mail or visit the scholarship website for more information and an application.


Alumni M-CardThe Alumni M-card is now available to be used as verification for UM-Dearborn graduates.  The cost to process the card is $10 and is valid for five (5) years.  Contact the Photo ID area at 313-583-6330 or visit the information desk at the University Center to have one processed.

As an alumnus, you are eligible to participate in campus recruiting. At any time you may seek assistance with your job search and/or career change. You can post your resume to the web and view the on-line employment opportunities. Call 313-593-5020 for assistance.


UM-Dearborn ITS Benefits to Alumni - ITS provides free, indefinite email forwarding from a "" email address.  For $50 per year, you can also have  email access, wireless access and use of the computer labs which provides access to the Internet and to a variety of software. Contact the UM-Dearborn Accounts Office at 313-593-3274 for further information.
U-M Ann Arbor ITS Benefits to UM-Dearborn Alumni:  For $9.96 per month, alumni can have remote access to an email account through U-M On-Line service at  All U-M alumni are eligible to take advantage of free e-mail forwarding to a "" address.  More information can be found at online-services or by contacting ITS in Ann Arbor at 734-764-8000.


The Alumni Enrichment Scholarship Program is a second chance for alumni to enhance their undergraduate education and to provide additional exposure to a variety of subject areas. Upon acceptance, you will be eligible to elect up to 9 hours of undergraduate course work in a single four-month term in fields distinctly different from the field in which you earned your undergraduate or graduate degree (major or minor). Courses taken under alumni enrichment status appear as pass or fail on your transcript and only courses approved to use the pass/fail grading option may be elected.  Internship and cooperative education courses are not available to alumni enrichment students.  You are eligible to begin participation in the program one full term after graduation has been confirmed. Alumni participants are not eligible if currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program.

The Alumni Enrichment student is responsible for the reduced per-credit hour assessment, the fees associated with registration, technology, and any course premiums and laboratory/course fees that may be assessed for specific courses.

To apply, complete the Alumni Enrichment application, available online or by contacting 313-593-5100, and return it to the Admissions Office in 1145 University Center for approval. Once approved, you will be allowed to register for classes. For further information, contact Office of Admissions and Orientation at 313-593-5100.


For the first year after graduation, alumni can use the fieldhouse and ice arena during operating hours at no cost.  After the first year, alumni will be charged $5 per visit to use the facilities or purchase a semester pass for $50.

You are eligible for a library card at no charge after graduation.  In order to obtain UM-Dearborn library privileges contact the Mardigian Library at 313-593-5559 for further information or Alumni Relations at 313-593-5131 for verification information.   Find out what services are available to our alumni.

For the first full year after graduation, you are entitled to a free membership with the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. After the first year after graduation, there is an option for a yearly or life-time membership with  related fees. Your membership will be activated by completing the on-line application at


For one year after graduation, you are able to use the Wellness Center at no charge.  During your first visit, you will be issued a pass upon verification of your status.  After the first year, you are able to purchase a $25 term pass (each term is four months long:  January to April, May to August, September to December).  You will be able to use all facilities, register for classes and programs, and sponsor one family member to purchase a term pass.