Alumni Day 2016 - Building Success

Alumni Day gives alumni an opportunity to participate in engaging and  high energy informational seminars designed for alumni of all eras and careers. Our alumni organizations are planning programs for alumni and students across a variety of areas tracks.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Fairlane Center North
on 19000 Hubbard Drive
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

$10 registration fee
(fee includes breakfast with keynote speaker and workshop sessions) 

Online registration has closed.  Registration and payment will be accepted at the event by cash or check at the door.



Take the opportunity to network and reconnect with former classmates, students and guests, and see the growth and progress that has taken place since you first stepped foot on campus.  Featured Keynote Speaker will be Joy Pehlke, U-M Wellness Coach, who will lead a discussion on Mindfulness.


Upcoming Health Trends that Empower You - How we conduct our day to day lives is drastically changing due to the constant advances in technology and how we manage our health care is no exception.  Learn about how such advances can improve your health care management. Presenters: Laura Wagner and John Finn, M.D., Hospice

Conflict Resolution - Learn some effective strategies for minimizing the negative effects and producing positive results when faced with conflict. Presenter: Deborah Kamber, '92 B.B.A., Senior Human Resources Specialist, UM-Dearborn

Managing Healthcare for Adult Family Members - One of the largest growing segments of healthcare is the treatment for adult family members.  Now is the time to ask questions you may have about available resources and growing trends in taking care of family members. Presenters: Laura Wagner and John Finn, M.D., Hospice


You Don't Have to Be Rich - Making the most of your philanthropy - Philanthropy comes in many shapes and sizes designed to fulfill a need for the donor as well as the recipient.  Come hear about some of the more non-traditional ways to put your one to good use on things that are important to you. Presenters: Randall S. Ross, Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan, and Lysa Postula-Stein, J.D. 

Retirement Check-up - Whether you are new to the work force, starting to think about helping children with college expenses or counting down the days to retirement, it is always a good time to review your current retirement strategies. Hear about the answers to the questions you have about your retirement plans regardless of where on the retirement spectrum you fall. Presenter: Charles Poff, A.F.C., Financial Education Counselor, DFCU Financial

Entrepreneurial Funding Sources - With the growing interest in start up companies, there are also growing sources of potential revenue available to help new entrepreneurs.  Hear new ideas and possibly unknown resources to get your company off the ground. Presenter: Michael Melfi, Melfi Associates


Transitioning Careers - How to make the most out of the change - A career transition can bring with it feelings of fear as well as excitement.  Whether a change is self-initiated or not, knowing strategies to navigate these changes can ensure a successful transition.  This presentation will focus on strategies to re-assess your skills, interests, and values, as well as provide further assistance to find the best fit for this next chapter in your life! Presenter: Britta Roan, '82 B.A., Senior Career Counselor, UM-Dearborn

Personal Branding - Who are you, your target audience wants to know? A key to successfully landing your dream job or building a business is effectively developing and communicating your own personal brand.  Its not just for corporations.  Workforce development expert, Cynthia Grubbs, will guide you through how to discover and market your personal brand so that you will stand out in this noisy world. Presenter: Cynthia Grubbs, President, Cynthia Grubbs & Associates


Social Media Networking - Do's and Don'ts - Hear from some experts on effective ways of using social media for networking, both positive and negative, from social media posts and how to conduct damage control when necessary.  Presenters: Kristine Adams, Community Manager, Hutch Free, and Bilal Saeed, Pakmode Media + Marketing

Social Media and the Law - Learn from one of Detroit's finest detectives what the future of the internet will bring, how to protect your digital footprint and learn the social media laws as it relates to Michigan.  Presenter:  Brian Fountain, Detective, Detroit Police Department


For more information, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 313-593-5131 or .