Academic Assistance

Outreach Services


Summer Prep Program - GEAR UP


This component is designed to expose students to various disciplines offered throughout the university. They will participate in a mathematics workshop for four weeks, four days, four hours each day.


Wade McCree Scholars Program -


The University of Michigan-Dearborn participates in the Wade McCree Scholars program with Detroit Public Schools, Southfield Public Schools, and Hamilton J. Robichaud Jr/Sr. High School, sponsoring students from each system. Wade McCree Scholars are chosen by the schools and inducted as high school freshman. Those who meet the academic performance and attendance requirements are eligible to receive a tuition scholarship at the sponsoring university. ASOS provides mentoring and tutoring for the scholars both while they are still in high school and for those who enroll at this university.

The tutoring program is designed for 9th to 12th graders inducted into the Wade McCree Program who wish to improve or enhance their high school performance. The area in which many students' have been most noticeable weak have been in communication (both written and oral) skills, critical thinking skills, and quantitative (computational) skills. Students performing at a "C" or below grade level are strongly encouraged to participate.

Other Programs -


Academic Support and Outreach Services also works with select student groups to monitor their progress. This includes Detroit Compact, Opportunity Scholars, and Wade McCree students.