Tool Kit

The Office of Communications and Marketing created the Tool Kit as a guide to provide clear and consistent direction for all of your promotion and marketing needs. These guidelines are in place to provide a clear and consistent look for UM-Dearborn across all departments and programs and in all types of communications and marketing materials.

The Communications Style Guide outlines a set of best practices that should be used in written communication to make sure we are staying consistent. It also includes the Required Text that must be used in a variety of documents.

Have some news to share or an event to promote? Check out the Do It Yourself guide for step-by-step approach to getting it done. Want to represent UM-Dearborn at the event? Check out a UM-Dearborn Banner to help decorate the space.

UM-Dearborn’s name and graphic identity are important parts of building and presenting our image. Protecting UM-Dearborn’s logos and marks—and using them correctly—ensures the value created by UM-Dearborn's image remains consistent.

What do PMS 7406, Univers and the Block M all have in common? Learn that and how to use them correctly in the Brand Identity Guidelines.

When was UM-Dearborn founded? How many students attend the university? Find all this and more in the Fast Facts.

Download the 2013-2014 Brand Tool Kit.