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Education doesn't only happen in the classroom. Students and faculty collaborate with industry to engage in cutting-edge research in areas including applied business, engineering and computer science, environmental and public health. Industry can engage researchers through funded applied research projects, participation in our research centers, or the pursuit of collaborative funding opportunities. 


Fiscal Year 2019 Research Funding

Corporate/Industry research accounts for 51.4% of funding - $4,258,571

Government research accounts for 20.7% of funding - $1,711,023

Other research accounts for 27.9% of funding - $2,312,385


Total - $8,281,979



Student Design Projects

Does your company have a complex business issue? UM-Dearborn offers strategic partnerships on student design projects. Let the students at UM-Dearborn solve your next pressing challenge.

Business Engagement Center

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Administration Building (AB)
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