Allies and Scholars

Who are the Allies and Scholars?

Allies and Scholars are leaders from the Metro Detroit area who are passionate about serving their community! Allies serve for 10 months and Scholars serve for 5 months at a local nonprofit. During their service term, they receive leadership training where they learn about leadership theory and practice, the nonprofit sector, social justice, and the Detroit area.

What kind of work is considered capacity building?

Capacity building is the “background work” of an organization. Ally and Scholar positions may include planning community cleanups, creating and maintaining databases of resources, organizing community health events, or assisting with marketing for specific programming. The service of the Allies and Scholars is designed to increase the effectiveness, the efficiency, or the scale and reach of the organization.

Capacity building work is not direct service.

Who can be an Ally or Scholar?

Anyone who has a desire to be a part of the change of the Metro Detroit area can apply to be an Ally or Scholar.  If you are passionate about creating change in your neighborhood and want to develop your skills as a leader, apply today! 

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