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  • Why Do I Need a Reservation Number to Order Catering?

    Details for any reserved service scheduled through University Unions & Events anywhere on the UM-Dearborn campus is stored in one event management software system. This includes catering in any campus location. A reservation must be created in the event management software system to enter the details for every order: room bookings, room bookings with catering and other services or just catering in any room on campus.  Each reservation must include a location, or room number, to be activated and scheduled in the software system. This information is what we use to build and deliver your requested services.

Your University Unions & Events Team

  • Joy Adkins, Accounting/Office Assistant


  • Sandy Beck, Conference Services Manager


  • Kris Day, Assistant Director


  • David Disney, Director


  • Vicky Opie, Event Services Planner


  • Karen Stone, Event Services Planner


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