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Attend an interviewing workshop

Schedule a video mock interview or conduct a practice interview

Know yourself

  • Think about your skills, interests, values…consider your strengths and weaknesses

  • Be able to discuss decisions that you made, the thought behind them and results

  • Identify accomplishments and things you might have done differently

  • Provide examples to demonstrate how you have developed your skills

  • Be able to articulate why you are interested in this field

  • Think about your long term goals

Know the employer and the field

  • Research company through literature, annual reports, videotapes, and articles

  • Learn about the current trends in the field

  • Think about the firms competitors, clients, or customers

Prepare and write down questions that you want to ask

Dress in a suitable manor to convey a polished, professional image

Prepare to take extra resumes, paper, pen transcript, portfolio, and reference list

Make sure you know the location and arrive on time


The first 30 seconds are crucial in making a positive impression

Give a firm handshake when meeting the interviewer(s)

Establish eye contact and maintain throughout your interview

Watch your non-verbal behaviors (hand and leg movements, facial expressions, etc.)

Think of this as a conversation – you are both listening to and learning about each other

Remember to be positive

Highlight relevant qualifications and experiences

Provide as many specific examples as possible (i. e. a class project showing your initiative)

Listen carefully to what is being asked and answer the question directly

Ask questions that show you have done your homework

Get answers to your most important questions

Find out when the next round of interviews will be conducted/ when they make their hiring decisions

Request a business card from your interviewer(s) so you can follow up

Do not discuss salary unless the recruiter asks for your salary range

Close the interview by summarizing your qualifications and expressing your interest in the job and organization


Send a typed thank you letter promptly to the person(s) with whom you interviewed

Call to check on your status following the time line you found out about in the interview Evaluate your interview


  • What could you have done better? (Consider non-verbal and verbal behaviors)

  • How could you have provided more specific examples?

Evaluate the information you gathered


  • How does this job relate to your plans?

  • Do you really want to work for this organization?