This page is for CASL faculty requiring specific assistance including Incomplete Contracts, Adding participants to Canvas course shells, Allowing colleagues to view past course material, Combining Course Sections in Canvas, and Proctoring Guidelines for CASL Online and Hybrid courses.

For Canvas Technical Support for both Faculty and Students of all the Colleges, please see the Canvas Portal Page.


Adding participants in Canvas

  • To add Observers, Teaching Assistants, Librarians, and Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SIs) to your Canvas course site, please fill out the Additional Person Request form

    Please note: University policy prohibits adding students that are not officially enrolled in a given class to that classes Canvas site. This includes students on the waitlist for a course, those who are in the process of registering, and those who have any other circumstances that might delay their official entrance into the regular class roster.    

    Anyone added to a course must complete and submit a FERPA Acknowledgement form. Once the form is completed, the participant is generally added in one or two business days. This form must be filled out by anyone added to the course including people in the faculty and staff roles.


  • To extend access to Students assigned the Grade I (Incomplete), contact CASL Digital Education Support at for more information. Access to Canvas courses can be extended for faculty and students who are given an "I" grade. Students with an "I" grade cannot be added to any other course(s) to complete their work.

    This information is aligned with the Classroom and Learning Management System Course Access Policy, approved by the UCDC on December 10, 2015.
  • Allowing colleagues to view past courses.If you would like to share previous course content with a colleague, we can set up a shared site specifically for this purpose. Contact CASL Digital Education Support at for more information.


Combining course sections in Canvas

Combining sections is different than cross-listing. To combine two sections of the same course, Psy 101 sections 001 and 002 for example, please fill out the Combine Sections in Canvas form. This can only be done before the term begins, we can not combine sections once classes have started.

This can only be done to identical courses (Psy 101- 001 and Psy 101- 002, for example). Combining different courses (Psy 101-001 and CRJ 101-001, for example)is done in Banner, not in Canvas and needs to be done by the department.

Please note, some departments require departmental approval before course sections can be combined.

When courses are combined, there will be one unified Canvas site that will appear under one of the course sections (for example the 001, 002, and 003 sections will all log into the 001 section). Please let the student know so they are not confused.

*Important note: Combining sections will also result in one set of evaluation results instead of one for each section of the class.  This could affect future reviews (promotion and tenure, or LEO annual reviews), so checking with the department chair is recommended before submitting the request to combine sections.


If a course needs to be cross-listed, for example it is listed as two separate subjects (Psyc and Soc) that need to be combined into one section or the class has an undergraduate and graduate section that need to be together, check Canvas before the term starts. If all applicable titles are in the course name, it is correctly cross-listed in Banner.

If all the applicable course titles are not in the name and you have multiple course shells for the course, you need to contact your department before the term begins to have this rectified in Banner.


Proctoring guidelines for Online and Hybrid courses

CASL has some guidelines to assist you if you want to have proctored test for online or hybrid courses. Click to go to the CASL Proctoring Guidelines page


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