CASL Conversations: "Grant" Prix

CASL "Grant" Prix is a series of conversations with faculty members who have received external funds over the last twelve months. The idea is to have them speak about their application and planning steps. Our goal is to spotlight these PIs and their work, to inform the faculty of their accomplishments, to identify and advertise a list of in-house resources for those considering similar submissions, and to increase the college-wide collaboration for grant writing.

Joan Remski's presentation on October 8: 

Avengers Assemble: Writing a Cross-Campus, Multidisciplinary Proposal.  A two-year collaborative effort involving faculty from Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, and Engineering as well as colleagues in Financial Aid, Admissions, and Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Sally Howell's presentation on October 15: 

Growing Support for Public Humanities and Public Arts Work on Campus

Sven Morgan's presentation on November 5:

Collaborative Research Grants of NSF. How can you manage grants with researchers from multiple institutions? 

Aditya Viswanathan and Yulia Hristova's presentation on November 19:

NSF RUI Grants. What is RUI? Are we an RUI? Does it make a difference to have RUI designation on your NSF proposal?

Camron Amin's presentation on December 3: 

NEH Grants: First You Fume. Then You Abandon Your Dreams.  Then, It Feels Okay, Actually.  Because Maybe You Didn't Need That Grant to Make Progress