The recent announcement of the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s 2019 Difference Makers marks a very important milestone for the campus. With the unveiling of this latest group of Difference Makers, the university has now recognized and honored over 500 UM-Dearborn students for their leadership, their service, their intellect, their pluck, and for their many, many contributions to our campus community and to the world beyond.

Well over half of these students have come from the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters. Indeed, I am certain that each and every one of us can fondly recall our interactions with at least one of these students and how much they inspired us. We are truly fortunate to have the privilege to work alongside such amazing students and to know that, because of them, our college is all the better.

I encourage you to learn more about these students (both the current Difference Makers as well as those from years past) and to congratulate them on their many accomplishments. We all know, of course, scores of other CASL students who are doing amazing things and who are Difference Makers in their own right. Please take a moment to let them know that you are aware of the things that they are doing and please consider nominating them for next year’s Difference Makers competition.

I know that I speak for us all when I say that we are very proud of our students. They are amazing!

Martin Hershock, Dean

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